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Nigel McGreggor 

Black Seal, (Black Jack II x Haeyna Pebbles). RETIRED

Buffalo Bulldogs


Mighty Oak McCloud 

Black Trindle, triple carrier (Casa Colletti Le Gran Marchello x Fluttershy McButterfly of Buffalo Bulldogs out of Texan) (RETIRED)

Buffalo Bulldogs


My Man Macon of Buffalo Bulldogs

Black Trindle, triple carrier (King Juggernaut x Fluttershy McButterfly of Buffalo Bulldogs out of Texan). Carries 1 copy Huu, 1 copy Cystinuria 3

Rocky Schule
 Owned by:  Carol Schule

Platinum Chocolate Seal, triple carrier (Smith's Atlas Holders of the Heavens x Aspen Syringa McCloud of Buffalo Bulldogs).  Carries 1 copy Huu, Clear Cystinurnia 3



Hilo's Chip off the Ol' Block of Buffalo Bulldogs

Lilac trindle, triple carrier

Hilo the Blue Legend x Harper Blue of Buffalo Bulldogs


Buffalo Bulldogs

Nigel Pedigree
Macon Pedigree

Buffalo Bulldogs

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